• fact one: sound is instantly recognizable
  • fact two: sound is an emotional trigger
  • fact three: brands make sound

Our Mission

We develop a strategy for your company to make use of Sound Branding and create a recognizable, unique, authentic and consistent Sound ID, so your Corporate Sound becomes an indispensable part of your Corporate Identity.

Our Process

Creating your Sound Profile
We start by listening to you. We want to know all about you, your company and your vision. We will then have a good look at a range of aspects regarding your company: customers, brand touch-points, company history, competitors, etc.
At this point we give our very best to transform all this input and knowledge into music, sound and paper. We maintain a close relationship with you during the process by checking in with you at each major step to create your perfect Sound ID.
An essential part for a successful Sound ID is the consistent implementation in all relevant media and brand touch-points.
Sound Brand Guidelines and Workshops will help you to put your Sound ID into daily practice.
To ensure our product reaches its greatest potential and your company incorporates the Sound ID in a consistent way, we will check upcoming projects of yours and provide you feedback and tips.

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